The Lion King

The musical The Lion King is about the Circle of Life in which everything exists. The Circle of Life is the delicate balance that we need to stand up for and preserve.

The Lion King is the story of a naughty lion cub named Simba that does not follow the rules of his father, the Lion King. The brother of the king, Scar, uses the little lion cub to trap and kill the Lion King. He makes Simba believe that he killed his father and tries to kill him too, but Simba escapes. Since everybody believes in the death of both, Simba as well as his father, Scar becomes the new Lion King. Under Scar's rule the fruitful and fertile Pride Lands become barren and food scarce. In the jungle, Simba finds friends that teach him a carefree lifestyle but he continues suffering in grief about the death of his father. Finally, the spirit of his father convinces him to go back home, take his responsibility for preserving the Circle of Life, and to face Scar. During the fight, Scar admits that he killed the Lion King and again, he tries to kill Simba but falls from the cliff himself. Finally, Simba becomes the rightful Lion King and reestablishes the Circle of Life.

Elton John (England, born 1947) completed the composition of the musical The Lion King in 1997. The lyrics have been written by Tim Rice and the musical score was created by Hans Zimmer.

In September 2014, The Lion King became the top earning title in history for both, stage productions and films, surpassing the record previously held by The Phantom of the Opera which was the first to gross over 6 billion dollars.

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Sheet Music Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E minor Op. 64 you can download here:,_Op.64_(Mendelssohn,_Felix)


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...continuation of interpretation

Some interpretations suggest that the symphony is about the endless human struggle between defeat and victory. It might express the path from night to light, from C-minor to C major which formed part of fundamental believe in European culture especially during the 18th and 19th century.

The romantic music is also believed to express compelling emotions like a terribly strong longing that even creates pain by almost bursting our breasts with full-voiced harmonies of all the passions. It is as if the listener is irresistibly urged upwards to new summits and into the spirit world of the infinite.

Overall and like almost no other piece, the Fifth fascinates both, aficionados of classical music as well as people that are hardly attached to classical music. It is presumed that this is most probably caused by its unique and most powerful rhythm.

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