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Compositions for piano are generally distinguished between works for solo piano and works for a piano accompanied by an orchestra, called piano concerto. Works for solo piano especially include sonatas, mazurkas, waltzes, nocturnes, polonaises, études, impromptus, scherzos, preludes, fantasies, rondos, variations and bagatelles. Piano sonatas are usually written in three or four movements, although some piano sonatas have been written with a single movement, two movements, five or even more movements.


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Chopin Fantasie Impromptu

Frederic Chopin

(Poland, 1810-1849) was a virtuoso Pianist and composed the Fantasie Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth. 66, in 1834. It is one of Chopin's most popular...more

Frederic Chopin

Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 Op.11 Evgeny Kissin

Frederic Chopin

(Poland, 1810-1849) was a virtuoso Pianist and composed his first Piano Concerto in E minor, at the age of 20. At the same time he also composed the Piano Concerto in F minor, which is now believed to be actually his first one... more

Left: Evgeny Kissin (Russian, born 10 October 1971) with conductor Zubin Mehta in Tel Aviv with the Israel Philarmonic Orchestra, 75th anniversary gala concert 24 December 2011... more

Frederic Chopin

Rachmaninov: Pianoconcerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova - Complete Live Concert

Sergei Rachmaninoff

(Russian, 1873-1943) finalized in 1901 his Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. It is one of the greatest masterpieces. It ultimately captures its listeners with... more

Left: Anna Fedorova (Ukraine, born 27 February 1990) with conductor Martin Panteleev in Amsterdam

Complete Live Concert - HD

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Lang Lang plays Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Opus 23

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

(Russian,1840-1893) completed the composition of his Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor in 1875. It is most probably the best known of all piano concertos. No one had ever written... more

Left: Lang Lang (China, born 14 June 1982) with conductor Yuri Temirkanov and the Verbier Festival Orchestra

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Franz Liszt

(Hungarian, 1811-1886) composed this Rhapsody No 2 in C-sharp minor in 1847. It is his most famous Rhapsody and has enjoyed widespread use in animated cartoons both, in the original piano solo form and in the orchestrated version. .. more

Franz Liszt


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Most famous Piano Concerts

The six most famous piano concerts are most probably Chopin's 1st,  Rachmaninoff's 2nd, Tchaikovsky's 1st,  Beethoven's 5th,  Mozart's 20th, and Grieg's piano concerto.

A Piano Concert or Piano Concerto is usually a concerto for a solo piano and an orchestra or concert ensemble. Traditionally, it has three movements in a standard fast-slow-fast structure.

History of Piano Concerts

Bach was the first one to start composing soloist parts for the harpsichord. Bach used the fully developed form of violin concerto as basis, however the harpsichord has limited sound volume for being a solo instrument. Around 1698, the first pianos were produced. Since then, composing piano concertos became popular. Mozart composed 23 solo piano concerts and was one of the most influential piano concert composers. With the rise of the piano virtuoso, many composer-pianists composed piano concertos for themselves like Mozart, notably Beethoven, Chopin, and Schumann.

One of the very particularly gifted composers, pianists and conductors was Rachmaninoff who had gigantic hands that could stretch 13 keys on the keyboard while the average man's hand can barely manage 10. Thus, he incorporated a lot of gigantic chords in his piano concertos.

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