Phantom of the Opera

...with a deformed face who wants his favorite singer Christine to substitute the prima donna. Christine is a young Swedish orphan who believes that she learned singing from the invisible Angel of Music. The Phantom appears in guise of the Angel of Music and leads her to his underground world where she reveals his deformed face and he confesses his longing to be loved by her. However, she is falling in love with her childhood friend Raul. The Phantom kills ...


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...the chief stagehand as well as the tenor singer to express his support and love to Christine. Christine is torn between her love for Raul and her gratitude to the Phantom's teaching. Finally, the Phantom captures her in his underground world where Raul wants to rescue her but gets trapped by the Phantom. The Phantom threats to kill Raul if she does not marry him. Christine pities his soul and kisses him. The Phantom experiencing kindness and compassion for the first time, sets them both free and huddles in his cape. The mop storms the underground world and pulls away the cape - but the Phantom has vanished, only his mask remains.  

The musical The Phantom of the Opera was composed in 1986 by Andrew Lloyd Webber (England, born 1948). The lyrics were written by Charles Hart.

It is the longest running show in Broadway history by a wide margin. It was the first production ever that celebrated its 10,000th Broadway performance. It has been seen by over 130 million people in 145 cities and continues to play in London and New York

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