The Essence

Cinderella is a story about the power of love and magic that supports honest and helpful people with a good heart to succeed and be amply rewarded while mean and wicked people fail.


Cinderella Komleva Daoukaev Galinskaya Koul Kirov 1978
Production and Choreography: Constantin Sergiev
Cinderella: Gabriella Komleva 

The Plot

The ballet Cinderella composed by Prokofiev is the story of a girl named Cinderella who became the servant in her own house after her father remarried a mean woman with two wicked daughters. One day, the new woman with her daughters are busy preparing for the ball during which the Prince will select his bride. Cinderella has to help them but she also finds time to care for a beggar woman. After the family left for the ball without Cinderella, the beggar woman returns and reveals herself as her fairy godmother. She gives Cinderella glass slippers as gift and uses a spell to turn her rags into beautiful clothes. She warns Cinderella that the spell will only last until midnight and Cinderella leaves for the ball. She dances with the Prince and they fall in love. When the clock strikes midnight, she hurries away, leaving one glass slipper behind. Cinderella wakes up on the following morning and only knows due to the remaining glass slipper that the events have not been a dream. The Prince searches her throughout his kingdom. He arrives and the two sisters unsuccessfully try to put on his glass slipper. The mother demands to try it too and orders Cinderella to help. While bending down, the second glass slipper falls from Cinderella's pocket and the Prince recognizes her for whom she is. Overjoyed they marry.

The Composition

Sergei Prokofiev (Russian, 1891-1953) finalized his composition in 1944. The ballet is notable for its jubilant music, lush scenery and for the comic double-roles of the stepsisters. Cinderella is one of Prokofiev's most popular and melodious compositions and has inspired a great many choreographers.

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