News in September on our AriaFree Art-Blog

Winner in our September "Like" Counting

Anna Duyunova received in September most Likes for her great Artwork

"Vanessa Mae. power of Music"


Our AriaFree Art Blog shall connect Artists and Music Lovers to share their activities and Works.

Music and Art belongs together can reach a huge community through their very close related interests...

23 new Artists were featured in September and could be coinnected to new audiences that hopefully brings their great works to new places..

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  New Artists in September..

The Violin

Sera Knight

Piano Recital

Rhodes Rumsey

Party Horn

Rachel Lawson

Music Room After Lilla Cabot Perry

Pol Ledent

Violinist 562120


Maryam Mughal

Fantastic Three

Richard Schwachter

Lola Lonli

Orchestra In The Pink

Skeleton Dream

Memories and Music



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Top Ranked Art in September on our AriaFree Art-Blog

Anna Duyunova

Most "Likes" in September

"Vanessa Mae. power of Music"

Anna Rose Bain

Second most "Likes" in September

 Twin Arts

Andrea Merican

  Third most "Likes" in September

Street Music


All That Jazz

Marc Moore

The Last Concert Listen With Music Of The Description Box

Lazaro Hurtado

Lindsey Sterling, Dancing Violinist