About us and our Motive

Access to classical music

We at AriaFree are not professional classical musicians but simply people who love classical music. We know that classical music currently reaches just a minimal number of people worldwide. Huge potential groups have not yet been introduced to this great music and high value entertainment either due to lack access or due to the unattractive, sophisticated way of presenting classical music to audiences. We change that with ariafree.

Differentiating classical from other music

Compared to other music like popular music or folk music, classical music is very different especially regarding the melody and rhythm which remain constant within a pop or folk piece. In classical pieces, themes are modified, changed, played by other instruments in the orchestra and harmonies are very complex. Also the rhythm and the expression are highly differentiated and changes within a classical music piece.

Becoming emotionally richer, better, happier

Listening to classical music not only improves our concentration skills. The occupation with classical music develops new linkages in our brains. This linkages are making our senses more differentiated, our thinking more associative and let us experience the abundance of our emotions. We become emotionally richer. Listening to the complexity creates feelings that can hardly be described by words, that captures our heart, leading us to new spirits into a new state of happiness.

Watching great classical performers might also inspire especially children to learn an instrument. This in return, creates additional huge positive impact. Fine motor skills are trained, imagination, endurance - since practicing is not always fun but teaches to overcome obstacles and creates the pleasure and healthy pride of accomplishment. Playing classical music also improves accuracy and social interaction.

We don't exaggerate if we say that classical music makes you emotionally richer, more intelligent, better, happier and a more content person that understands more about the depths and heights of life.

Get inspired

We strongly believe that all people worldwide should have easy and attractive access to classical music. And at AriaFree all is for free. We do not charge anything or any membership fee if you decide to join us and become our member. 

If we can't go to life events, we love experiencing the videos watching with LCD player and good speakers. This gives a different feeling compared to sitting in the first row of a concert and is indeed also most enjoyable. You may also love watching the videos at your laptop or other device with headsets. Enjoy your free classical music download or online.

Get your inspiration from the best performers playing the most famous classical music masterpieces.

Natalja Becherer, Founder of AriaFree

After having successfully inspired our own children for classical music while living in South East Asia, I decided to start the music-project AriaFree.
Classical music is the calming influence in my life with which I love to start and end my day. I grew up with classical music and playing piano and organ myself. During my late 30th and already living in the Philippines with my family, I took up cello to support our children learning the violin. We introduced classical music to our two boys at a very early age. Now, aged 8 and 13, they are both enthusiastic violin players, concert-goers and glowing about different concert recordings. We are regularly performing house concerts with our neighbor families and travelling to the most exciting violin concerts around the world.

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